Fruit and Fun for Everyone! Mott’s Fruitsations fruit snacks are fruit sensations! Enjoy a burst of fresh, great-tasting fruit in every cup. Apples plus pineapple, blueberries and peaches are just a few of the foods we know kids love, so we made them available in a variety of exciting and delicious combinations from the everyday to the exotic.

There’s a taste for everyone in the whole family to enjoy. Get a full single serving of real fruit in every cup! Mott’s Fruitsations fruit snacks are made with all natural flavours & colours and each 111 g or 113 g Cup = 1 Fruit Serving.

According to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating


Raspberry Cherry Starfruit

Raspberry Wonder

• The combination of raspberry, cherry and starfruit flavours adds a wonderful zing to our apples.


Unsweetened Granny Smith

It's easy being green

Call us crazy! We made this fruit snack with green Granny Smith apples instead of regular red ones! Unsweetened Granny Smith Mott’s Fruitsations are a grown-up, tangy twist on an old favourite.

Tasty Tips
  • Stir a spoonful into a cup of coffee or tea as a flavour shot

Unsweetened Apple


We cut out the sugar in Unsweetened Apple but definitely not the taste, so that we could offer you an even healthier version of our Mott's Fruitsations fruit snacks. Go ahead, indulge!

Tasty Tips

Unsweetened Peach Medley

Peachy keen

There’s nothing quite like a big juicy peach. Unless it’s Unsweetened Peach Medley, the perfect complement to one of our apples. The result is a luscious, just about irresistible snack.

Tasty Tips
  • Sweetens up plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream

Unsweetened Country Berry

Picnic in a cup!

This refreshing blend of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry brings summer harvest to mind. With all these yummy fruits, there’s something in Unsweetened Country Berry for everyone to love.

Tasty Tips
  • Replace half the oil in a brownie recipe with Country Berry to cut calories and fat
  • Recipe suggestions: The Big Dipper

Unsweetened Blueberry Delight*

Bountiful Blueberry

Blueberries, summer’s superfruit, are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So we combined them with our apples into Unsweetened Blueberry Delight. Now everyone can enjoy the taste of summer, all year round.

Tasty Tips

Unsweetened Strawberry Kiwi

Two-ty Fruity

Take your taste buds on an adventure. Fun-filled Unsweetened Strawberry Kiwi is a double punch of flavour and colour!

Tasty Tips
  • Give your breakfast a fruity zip when you add Strawberry Kiwi to plain oatmeal
  • Recipe suggestions: Apple-licious Smoothies


Not so plain

There’s nothing like a classic to keep kids and parents alike happy. As delicious as our other Mott's Fruitsations fruit snacks are, there’s nothing quite like the wholesomely good, old-fashioned flavour of apple.

Tasty Tips


Seedless and super!

Playfully pink and sure to tickle everyone’s fancy, our Strawberry fruit snack is a sweet treat that looks as good as it tastes.

Tasty Tips
  • Use a mold to make healthy, fruity popsicles


Dare to go pear

The mellow flavour of pear harmonizes with apple to create this delicate-tasting Mott's Fruitsations fruit snack, sure to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters, big and small!

Tasty Tips
  • The perfect topping for crispy latkes

Mango Peach

Explosion of fruit

Apple gets an exotic twist with this blend of tropical mango and southern peach. Naturally sweet and made from real fruit, this tasty treat is one grown ups might love even more than the kids do!

Tasty Tips
  • Makes a sweet, fruity dip for apple and pear wedges, cheese or chicken strips


Red and rarin' to go

The kids won’t have a reason to pull a face if you pull out a Raspberry Mott's Fruitsations fruit snack. Everyone loves raspberries, especially kids.

Tasty Tips
  • Spread it on toast as an alternative to jam

Variety Pack, Fruit Snack

The more the merrier

A whole lot more of our Mott’s Fruitsations fruit snacks to love and a whole lot more delicious fruit flavours to choose from. The Variety pack contains: 6 Blueberry Delight, 6 Unsweetened Apple, 6 Country Berry and 6 Peach Medley.

Tasty Tips
  • Perfect for picnics or backyard BBQs

Unsweetened Apple Sauce

More to share

If you don’t need to take your apple sauce to go, Mott’s Unsweetened Apple Sauce is available in 796ml jars.

Tasty Tips

Homestyle Brown Sugar
or Original Apple Sauce

Tastes like home

If you’re craving the chunky sauce grandma used to make, the toughest choice you’ll have is deciding between Homestyle Brown Sugar and Homestyle Original apple sauce. Whichever one you choose, this is the best kind of comfort food – fat free! Available in 796 ml jars.

Tasty Tips
  • Spread it on pancakes or waffles
  • Mix with plain yogurt
  • Recipe suggestions: Apple Bran Muffins

Unsweetened Apple Juice

Nothing but the good stuff

Give them more of what they want with Mott’s Fruitsations Unsweetened apple juice. Nothing added but the wholesome goodness of fruit, you can all enjoy a glass together, any time of day.

Tasty Tips

Natural Apple Juice

Hand picked goodness

Everyone can enjoy the refreshing taste of Mott’s Fruitsations Natural Apple Juice. Available in family-sized 1.82 L bottles, this juice is 100% all natural and 100% delicious.

Tasty Tips